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Every Saturday is similar for me.
I sleep in a little bit.
Get up, watch some Sportscenter over a bowl of cereal.
Clean up the house.
And then it hits.
The reminder of the dreadful trip to the grocery that I have to take.
While I love Meijer…
Especially due to the fact that they have EVERYTHING for a low price.
I just simply hate shopping for groceries.
I always seem to forget something or get something I don’t need.
Grocery shopping on Saturday simply ruins my Saturday midday.

What do you do on Saturday that just plain SUCKS!

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January 24, 2009 at 11:41 am

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2008 Review in Photos

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I really have no clue where to begin.
2008 brought so many ups and downs that just the thought of going through and rehashing all of it freaks me out.
Regardless, 2008 was amazing for many reasons, and one in particular.

Thankful fors in 2008 in no particular order:
(clicking each photo will enable you to leave a comment and to enlarge a specific photo)

There are many more photo’s I could place up there; blog party, etc. However I have limited space and time.
Perhaps if I feel it, I’ll do a 2008 in Review part II.
I will say this, Twitpic made this a whole lot easier.

I truly never will forget 2008.
Each memory will be tattooed on mind and heart forever.
From the moment of 01/01/08, to the moment of all the tears I cried, to the moment I first laid my lips on Allison’s, to the moments soon awaiting me in the next few days.
2008 will be a defining moment of my life to come.

I could truly never be more blessed.

Here’s to 2009!

We’re All In This Together

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Found this video via our worship leader Ashlee’s facebook…

I don’t know about you, but this broke me.

It convicted me.

How much we take for granted.

How much we throw away.

How much we ignore.

What we are doing IS NOT ENOUGH.

It can’t be.

What will you do to make a difference?

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December 19, 2008 at 4:46 pm

Go Home Chris…Be Healed.

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Last night someone lost a brother.
Someone lost a son.
Someone lost a mentor.
Some lost a friend.
Some lost them all.
Last night a good friend of mine, who had been a friend, a mentor, and for awhile in my life, very brotherlike, passed away.

[click on the picture to enlarge it]

Chris was 26 yrs old.
It was roughly three years ago that Chris was diagnosed with ALS(Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
I remember the day like yesterday as I heard the news.
Knowing what that meant I wept immediately.
At that time it was Chris that was comforting me.
This was who Chris was.
Chris had always been the one to make everyone feel better. To lend you whatever it was you needed in the time that you were hurting.
He was always the one who cared so much about those around him, that sometimes forgot about the things that he needed to do for himself.
However, the one thing Chris took very serious, was his passion for the Lord, which showed very evidently through his relationships with people.
Until his last breath, Chris was still encouraging others to believe that God can not only heal him, but that he had. He was continuing to tell others that our God was a God of redemption and never-ending love. That no matter what, God has our best interest in mind.
I won’t sit here and say it was easy to support Chris as he was telling everyone these things.
It wasn’t.
I was pissed.
Chris was dying, yet Chris wanted me to believe that he had God’s favor and life with him.
Are you kidding me??
However, I know in my heart that now God has completely healed Chris. That where Chris is now, that he is walking, breathing, and loving all around him.
That everything Chris told me that God was doing for him, was done just as Chris had affirmed me so.
I know this, because prior to the diagnosis and even during it, Chris was always honest about God’s direction in his life.
The loving part, well that was just who Chris was.

You will be missed brother.
I love you.

Chris had a BLOG that he wrote in. Please take time to read some of his blog post. He had wisdom way larger than my own.

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September 28, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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The Kingdom or Lucky Charms?

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Why is it as christians we always feel like we have to say the right thing.
I mean, we’re always afraid of offending someone.
Is it always bad to offend someone?
I think the truth is, is that we should maybe offend people a little more.
Push the envelope.
No, I’m not saying we should aim to do things that offend people
What I am saying though is that we should truly do God’s work and not our own.
We should choose His will over ours.
I’m pretty sure when Jesus was here, He was doing God’s work, and people hated him. If you don’t believe people hated him, you might wanna read the part of the Bible that talks about the crucifixion or just look at the picture below:

Truthfully though, why are we so afraid to go out and take chances.
Speak truth and take the chance that we’re going to be misjudged.
Or prosecuted wrongly.
This all has been pissing me off just thinking about it today.
In reality isn’t it all worth it for the sake of the Kingdom?

I’m battling these decision today;
A. Should I worry and care about the reputation of myself. That way I can be around long enough to witness to thousands of people?
B. Should I seek his truth in every fashion, and wherever that leads me, allow it to lead me there. Trusting that He loves me and would only lead me to the dessert knowing I would survive and my faith and passion for him would only be greater?

This decision is a litter harder than my decision the other day….Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

I’m frustrated with luke warm, do it for yourself “Christians”.

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September 2, 2008 at 9:51 pm

Cancellation of Small Group

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Hello Readers,

First off let me start by apologizing for the lack of attention and usage of my blog in the recent weeks. Shortly there will be a post explaining in detail why this has been so as of recent.

Regarding our Blogger Small Group, I have chosen to end the small group, or at least it’s place on Run’n Like A Vagabond. If you are a member, and have the desire to continue this group, feel free. If you have any questions, feel free to email me;

Again, I appreciate all of the support that I have received from everyone through my blog and through twitter while I have gone through a rough couple months, and more so, a very rough week or so. If you wish to know what is going on in my life on a day to day basis, Twitter is the way to do that. You can follow me HERE.

Thanks again!

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July 15, 2008 at 9:52 am

Happy Flashbacks & A New Ride?

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The topic?

Avg. Per Year:
1998 – $1.50/gallon
1999 – $1.65/gallon
2000 – $1.80/gallon
2001 – $2.00/gallon
2002 – $2.10/gallon
2003 – $1.90/gallon (Wow a drop?)
2004 – $2.00/gallon
2005 – $2.50/gallon
2006 – $2.80/gallon
2007 – $3.30/gallon
Currently – $4.19/gallon

It currently is costing me $107.00 to fill up my tank of gas. This normally last me about 11 days. I would do anything to go back to complaining about having to pay $2.80 a gallon. Something in my life has to change.
My job.
My spending.
My vehicle.
My whole lifestyle.
I’ve been looking at scooters to purchase. The mileage is better(100mpg), the fillups are less pricey, and of course I’d look much sweeter on one.

My question for you all, what do you drive and how many mpg does your car get?

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June 12, 2008 at 12:03 pm