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date night update

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Tonight I took Allison out to celebrate her birthday.
We don’t get to do the romantic scenes too often, so tonight I took her to Houlihan’s.
If you have never been there, go.
It’s one of our favorite restaurants to go to.
Great atmosphere, and amazing food.

As the last post stated, Allison believed we were staying in and that I was cooking dinner for her.
The truth is, I care about her too much to cook for her.

Anyhow, the evening was great.
She was surprised…pleasantly I must say.
Dinner was great, and so was the food.

I am madly in love with her, it’s true.

Tell me something, anything. I don’t care what it is. Just spill your guts about something.


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January 17, 2009 at 12:41 am

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date night…

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Finally getting to take Allison out for her birthday tonight.
She has no clue.
She simply thinks we’re staying. That I’m cooking her dinner, and we’re going to watch movies.
Not a chance.
I will report back with details.

Oh how I love her…

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January 16, 2009 at 5:36 pm

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Root Canal take II

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If you follow me on Twitter, you have heard.
(If you don’t follow me, now is a good time to start: @vagabondrunn)
I hate the dentist.
It’s true.
I don’t care if he did get an award for being the town’s “Finest” in 2008.
I just DO NOT like going to the dentist.
Last monday I went for a routine Root Canal
One thing I’ve learned over the years is that when it comes to going to the dentist and myself, nothing is ever routine.
They got in there, told me there would be NO pain.
There was.
I was to raise my hand if I felt pain, which turned into me about raising my hand so fast that I punched the ole’ doc in the face.
What it turned into was me having an infection in my gums, so they couldn’t finish. They told me to take these meds and come back a week later. A “routine” 2 hour procedure now turned into a 170+ hour procedure.
Seriously, I HATE the dentist.

On a lighter note.
I received an email this afternoon from @rjschaefer with this photo of one of the students in the church turned into a Dialogue Promo…
(Just a side note to the promo; It is by no means a literal statement. It is the words that came out of the students mouth, which in return was used as a humor promo for Dialogue. No harmful or put-down type intentions were meant)

What is it that you just HATE to do??

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January 13, 2009 at 1:55 pm

Wall of Me

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We started a new series at Dialogue this past week.
The series title is simple; NEXT.
In an excerpt from a paragraph of defining this series Ryan says this:

“Everywhere I go, there I am.” –Anonymous

It’s true. Look around. This is where you are. Our soul feels it, and, for most of us, it’s not where we want to be. Unachieved goals, forgotten dreams, and unfinished “To-Do Lists” all testify to our desire to move—to accomplish, to make progress. This is where we are, but we dream of being there. The challenge, then, is to move from where we are to where we want to be.

Here’s the video we started out with this week….

I know I struggle daily with how to get from here to there.
I’m excited for the next few weeks, desperately hoping for some direction.

What’s NEXT in your life?

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January 9, 2009 at 6:33 pm

Blogger Sickness

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Well I was on a bit of a roll with posting new articles for all of you to read until Monday.
What changed on Monday you ask?
The photo at the bottom changed.
The Dentist.
A root canal gone bad.
Which means I’m on drugs that make me sick.
I go back Monday @ 10:10am.
Follow me on Twitter for the live experience.

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January 7, 2009 at 11:57 am

Welcome 2009

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And so it begins.
The beginning of a fresh start.
2008 has without a doubt had it’s share of terrible times and amazing times.
It’s weird, because at one point, I would have said that 2008 would go down as my least favorite year of all time.
Looking back now, and really considering all the hard times compared with the amazing new beginnings, I can only say that 2008 is a year that will go down as the year that defined and paved the path for the rest of my life.
It was a year that I consider to share the best and the worst of my life.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that 2008 is over.
Easily happy.
I am definitely looking forward to what 2009 has in store for her and me…
And lucky you, you get to read all about it right here at Run’n Like A Vagabond.

Now you tell me…What is one thing you loved about 2008?

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January 1, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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do you have an agenda?

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The other day I was writing and was thinking about a book that changed my life.
One of the first books that came to mind was FEEL by Matthew Elliott. It’s an incredible read that challenges a lot of the beliefs pushed by church’s that have mentored and helped develop my faith.
However, looking deeper I remember a book that not only challenged me and pushed me, but I remember in that book there was one page that completely transformed me as a person, a christian, a sinner, etc.

If the gospel isn’t good news for everybody, then it isn’t good news for anybody.

And this is because the most powerful things happen when the church surrenders its desire to convert people and convince them to join. It is when the church gives itself away in radical acts of service and compassion, expecting nothing in return, that the way of Jesus is most vividly put on display. To do this, the church must stop thinking about everybody primarily in categories of in or out, saved or not, believer or nonbeliever. Besides the fact that these terms are offensive to those who are the “un” and “non”, they work against Jesus’ teachings and how we are to treat each other. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor, and our neighbor can be anybody. We are all created in the image of God, and we are all sacred, valuable creations of God. Everybody matters. To treat people differently based on who believes what is to fail to respect the image of God in everyone. As the book of James says, “God shows no favortism.” So we don’t either.

Oftentimes the Christian community has sent the message that we love people and build relationship in order to convert them to the Christian faith. So there is an agenda. And when there is an agenda, it isn’t really love, is it? It’s something else. We have to rediscover love, period. Love that loves because it is what Jesus teaches us to do. We have to surrender our agendas. Because some people aren’t going to become Christians like us no mater how hard we push. They just aren’t. And at some point we have to commit them to God, trusting that God loves them more than we ever could. I obviously love to talk to people about Jesus and my faith. I’ll take every opportunity I can get. But I have learned that when I toss out my agenda and simply love as Jesus teaches me to, I often end up learning more about God then I could have imagined.

Powerful stuff.
That is page 167 in the book Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.
It completely changed the way I lived as a missionary in my every day life.
The line that really did it for me was this one:

when there is an agenda, it isn’t really love

So simple, yet every-time I read it, it’s just as gut-wrenching as the first time.
This line still finds ways to run through my head at least a hand full times daily.
In 2009 I hope to not suck so bad.
To put away my agenda even more-so than I did in 2008, and push to be more like Jesus.
To quit being superficial and arrogant to what I want for everyone, and just love them with the core definition of love defined in 1John; “God is Love”.
Just a little bit of that in 2009 and everyone will benefit.

It’s just too bad I’ll still suck.

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January 1, 2009 at 1:00 pm