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I am a person.

A person who loves community. Who loves friendships.

However, I am also a person who falls short every day. I have many terrible qualities in which God desires to change in me. If it were up to Him alone these things would be changed. However, I am standing in the way. I have built up these walls and comforts that I fight hard to keep. Yet, daily God continues to break through. He continues to show me that He is bigger than my wants, stronger than my pride. Christ has died for me, and because of that I have been made worthy of all of the love, grace, and mercy that God has to offer.

Daily God breaks me for what is breaking His heart. He uses the brokenness to not only help me reach him, but to also help others see the hope, that is Jesus Christ. One particular area that God has truly broken me for is the area of depression, which creates the disorders and confusions that lead to cutting, eat disorders, abuse, etc. God has shown me his desire for His people who feel that the only option are these habits, these temporary releases. I long to know where God wants, and has in store for me, to be placed, and in what capacity he longs to use me for.

I am currently serving on a church plant team for Dialogue Church. I am the Dialogue Setup/Production team leader. Dialogue is not just a passion of mine, but is a passion that God has placed in the hearts of a handful of people. Lead by our pastor, Ryan Schaefer, we are longing to love the community in a way that God originally set the church forth to do so.

If you care to know more about me, ask me a question, as I would like to know more about you.

Who are you?


Written by vagabondrunn

May 6, 2008 at 8:36 pm

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