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(page will be updated January 2009)


Velvet Elvis – Rob Bell, an elusive, incredible writer who is never afraid to push the limits of seeking truth in any form in hopes of discovering God’s truth.


Blue Like Jazz – Don Miller’s most dynamic and popular book. He puts it best when he said this line from the book; “I don’t think any church has ever been relevant to culture, to the human struggle, unless it believed in Jesus and the power of His gospel”.

Messy Spirituality
– A book that will push you to truly understand the difference of our lives without Christ compared to our lives with God. An easy read, yet full of more information than I believe capable of ever fully consuming.

Sex God – Another incredible book by Rob Bell. Here he explores the in depth connections between God and Sexuality.


Hillsong United (I Heart Revolution) – Instead of listing each Hillsong United album, we’ll stick with this incredible dual-disk album compiled of songs from all of their previous records, accompanied by a couple new songs. Hillsong United sings with a passion and a purpose that is felt from the moment you press play.

David Crowder (Remedy) – David Crowder, a singer/songwriter who has changed the way we worship. He continues to create songs that inspire, and perform worship sets that create an authenticity that hasn’t been felt before.

Shawn McDonald (Live In Seattle) – It seems easy to connect with Shawn’s music. In this album however he opens up his life and his story. Seemingly, making it even easier to relate to his life through his hardship, struggle, temptation, and pain. Truly an epic live album from a raw artist.

Switchfoot (entire collection) – Switchfoot has changed the expectations for a christian artist/band. Their music & hearts are incredible. Working with TWLOHA, Habitat for Humanity, and other organizations, they constantly are seeking love, hope, and healing for people of all nations.

Written by vagabondrunn

April 21, 2008 at 11:27 pm

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