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March 31, 2008

I had a meeting with Ryan tonight. We talked more about his plans for the church. Talked in depth about certain things that needed to and had to take place for this to really get rolling. Talked about what the “finished” project would look like, and if we wanted to reach or do certain things within our church, how and what would we need to do to get to there.

Basically at this point, it’s a lot of small talk and brain storming.

There are people who are wanting to give their church offering to the church already, which is way cool. However of course, that cannot be done for multiple ethical and other reasons. However, it’s great to see and hear how people are really supportive and excited about this church.

So a brief rundown of what the near future looks like:

  • *form a leadership team, and start meeting weekly discussing idea’s and determine what will and what won’t work
  • *make a list of local churches to contact to meet with them
  • *as a leadership team, start contacting people that we believe might be interested in something new and fresh, and share the vision and invite them to pray for our church and perhaps their roll in it
  • *gather information about suggested sound systems and software to use for a service, and research each one
  • *talk with experienced churches that have been through a church plant. become more knowledgeable ourselves in the proper areas and learn the smart and effective steps that we need to take for this to be successful

Also a cool thing that happened was that we contacted a local high school about renting their auditorium for service. Normally this school charges $100 for I believe 5 hours. However, the person that we spoke with said that they would only charge us $50 per Sunday. Can someone say the word “BLESSING?!” Very cool.

God is going to move in this church, no matter where service ends up being held at. Why? Because He is most definitely in control. This is HIS church.

Please continue to pray for this church. Any opinions or suggestions are always welcome. If you want to request more information about this church feel free to contact me and I will forward your email on to Ryan.

God Bless.

[last thing] One name suggestion for the church was talked about tonight; Dialogue Church. I will go into more detail in my next update about the meaning behind the name. Again, thanks for reading and praying for God’s church.



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April 10, 2008 at 2:05 pm

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