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March 26, 2008

Last night I had another meeting with Ryan about the future of this church. His vision for this church is clear that it is God’s vision as well. The base of this church is found in three very simple, yet somehow have became complex, words:


The idea behind this is that so often in a church it is expected for you to believe what the church believes before you can belong and participate in a ministry. By no means is this saying that your core leadership should be full of nonbelievers, but it’s not saying that you shouldn’t have quality input from a nonbeliever as well. The idea is that the word belong should come before the word believe. That the most important thing within the church is that you belong. That you are welcome in this church regardless of what you look like, who are you, what you believe. There will be no agenda placed on why we love you, because in the beginning there was not only no agenda placed on why Christ loved us, but in reality, there was no reason for Him to love us, yet He did.

This vision is to go from belonging in this family to helping others, through the love and relationship that God has blessed us with, find their idenity in Christ, so that they can form that relationship and believe that Christ died for them and gave them the gift of eternal life.

Once you reach the believing, the becoming is all about becoming a family, becoming one in Christ, and leading this church into the nations, futhering His kingdom, and learning to exault Him above ourselves.

This is the vision and foundation of the church. This is it’s core.

I ask that you pray for the leadership team, that is also praying, that God will lead them and that they will listen. If you have ideas or inputs, please, leave them.


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April 1, 2008 at 1:22 pm

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