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April 21, 2008

Last night was our initial meeting for the start-up team. We had thirteen in attendance, which was basically everyone besides a few that were expected to show up. It went really well. Again, like I’ve said in the past, I love my team. Not only do we make each other stronger, but they[Kim and Ashlee] also feed me when I’m hungry. Hmm…who else did that? That’s right Jesus. My team is better than yours!

Anyhow, because I love all of you so much I am going to put all of my notes on my blog every Monday. Feel free to read through, comment, make suggestions, tell us we’re stupid, or whatever you want to do. Remember, these are just MY notes, MY opinions of what was said. Also, when you see titles like “Values” or “Vision” or “Finances”, or any for that matter, know that those are not our visions or values underneath, just my notes to some of the values and the vision we discussed. On a handout that was made for everyone we did put specific Values and talked about our Vision, and discussed a lot of the finances. Once everything is decided on, I will start to post our vision statement, our values, and such as well.

Anyhow, here are my notes from the first meeting:

Dialogue Startup Team Meeting- April 20, 2008

  • 6:05pm – Opening
    • Prayer (Ashlee)
    • Worship (Ashlee & Ryan)
    • Prayer (Myself)
  • 6:25pm – Ryan Start Up Discussion
    • “How Do We Get There From Here?”
    • Why do a church different?
    • Faced with a world and a cultural that is CHANGING.
    • Change/Questioning = uncomfortable.
    • We cannot stay content in comfort, but be willing to step out in the uncomfortable in order to reach the unchurched/the lost/the broken hearted.
    • What used to reach the world, what used to speak truth…aren’t reaching like it used to.
    • “Times have changed, what are you doing to reach me now?”
  • 6:45pm – Discussing Initial Agenda
    • What does a startup team do? (pt.5)
      o A Family Committed to:

    • Each Other
    • The vision of Dialogue Church
    • Faithfully supporting Dialogue Church with prayer, finances, and ministry
    • Nothing we can or will do will be in conflict or will be intentionally to hurt Calvary Christian
  • 6:58pm – Meeting Date/Time
    • Sundays @ 6:00pm
  • 7:02pm – Church Name/Logo
    • NAME:
      o Dialogue (winner)
      -Join the Conversation
      o Mosaic
      -Old Fashion (Church in California)
      o Ethos
      o Montage
  • 7:28pm – Finances

    • Spending
    • Auditorium Location
    • Faculty
    • Size of Auditorium
    • Technology
    • Transportation
    • Ron has been looking
    • Marketing
      o Website Needed

    • Mailers
      o Week before
      o Week of

    • Equipment
    • Tables
    • Children’s Ministry Supplies
    • Legal
      o 501-c-3

    • $80,000 for Launch
      o June 14, 2008
  • 7:51pm – Vision
    • (pt.2)People Hate Church, not Jesus
    • (pt.3)The Bible = Post Modern
  • 7:55pm – Values
    • Stronger together than we are apart
    • We have to allow people to be wherever they are, and love them regardless of.
    • Has to be a church that is about caring about the needs of their souls as much as their body
    • We will make a lot of mistakes on the way to figuring out what it is God wants to do
    • Beauty and Creativity, reaching an authenticity in our relationship and worship in Christ
  • 8:03pm – Timeline
    • Decide if you’re in or out for Startup team
    • Each week decide on what this vision is (within the context of Ryan’s original vision)
    • Financially support is your option, but should be an expectation for all Start-up team members
    • Be willing to be active and a part of the start up team by inviting members and helping the team locate items and funds that are needed and will be needed
    • Location for small meetings
    • SEPTEMBER LAUNCH DATE!! [Lift your hands and spin around]
  • 8:08pm – Q&A
  • Environment over Rules
  • 8:34pm – Closing
    • Prayer

    Anyhow, read through, leave some comments HERE, suggestions, advice, put downs, or whatever. We can take it, no matter how great or harsh it is.


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