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2008 Review in Photos

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I really have no clue where to begin.
2008 brought so many ups and downs that just the thought of going through and rehashing all of it freaks me out.
Regardless, 2008 was amazing for many reasons, and one in particular.

Thankful fors in 2008 in no particular order:
(clicking each photo will enable you to leave a comment and to enlarge a specific photo)

There are many more photo’s I could place up there; blog party, etc. However I have limited space and time.
Perhaps if I feel it, I’ll do a 2008 in Review part II.
I will say this, Twitpic made this a whole lot easier.

I truly never will forget 2008.
Each memory will be tattooed on mind and heart forever.
From the moment of 01/01/08, to the moment of all the tears I cried, to the moment I first laid my lips on Allison’s, to the moments soon awaiting me in the next few days.
2008 will be a defining moment of my life to come.

I could truly never be more blessed.

Here’s to 2009!

Wedding Weekend

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Last weekend I took a trip to West Lafayette, Indiana for my roommates wedding. While it rained all the way there on Saturday, it cleared up just in time for the rehearsal dinner and was nice the rest of the weekend. Here are some shots for everyone.

My roommate(the groom) & I before the wedding

Bride and Groom night before the wedding

Best Man and Groom night before the wedding

The ring barrier(Best Man’s son) locked himself into a locker by accident, we ignored him for a couple min. Mad?

Bride and Groom first dance.

My date…everyone was jealous.
(Find the rest of the photo’s on my flickr account)

It was a great wedding.
Everything you hope that a wedding is.

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June 10, 2008 at 9:58 pm

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Washington D.C., West Lafayette, Charleston, and Farewells!

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It’s a big weekend in my house.
I have two roommates getting married in a span of 7 days.
I have one (Jordan)roommate moving to Washington D.C. after the wedding/honeymoon, and the other(Matt) is moving to South Carolina. (I can’t wait to make that trip…that is if I don’t end up moving there myself)

This weekend is Matt’s wedding.
Matt and I have become extremely good friends through the process of the past four months. It will actually be really hard to see him move. However, I’m excited to celebrate with him and enjoy the party/reception after the wedding. His wife is incredible and he deserves nothing less.
It’s funny really, not often are weddings in Indiana done outside. However, Matt’s wedding will be held in West Lafayette, IN under the sun. God is blessing them with an extremely amazing day; 90 degrees with lots of sun.(I say amazing now. I’ll be sure to let you know how “amazing” that day is after I stand in a black tuxedo for a couple hours with that 90 degree sun beating down on me.)

Today as I leave, I will of course be taking my laptop, my little canon-e, my phone to keep all my tweets up to date, and one wild card is that while I am traveling I am going to do an interview about blogging with one random stranger(should be fun/interesting).

If you are the type wonder what I’m doing all weekend, it’s best to follow me on twitter, which is where all my live updates will occur.

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June 6, 2008 at 8:38 am