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Creative Chaos (7)

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In partnership with, here is another week of Creative Chaos. Be sure to visit Los’ blog for the rest of the Creative Guru’s idea’s.

Let’s see, I’ll call this, A Face In The Crowd

A couple years ago, while volunteering for a youth ministry, we decided to do a project to see how our students would treat a new kid. Here’s how it went down: (side note: our youth on sunday night consists of anywhere from 300-600 kids, which is held in a I believe 20,000 sq.ft. building with arcades, a skate park, basketball, bungee/rope swing, cafe, water bar, video games. just so you know the type of environment we’re working with)

We had one of our friends, a freshman in college, secretly come into our youth group on sunday night and hang out for a few weeks. Through those three weeks he would walk around, play some video games, sit by himself, and basically do anything that the other kids were doing. The basic concept here was to see how our students responded to someone new. Some questions we were trying to answer were this:

  • Would they talk to him?
  • Would they make him feel welcomed?
  • Would they make fun of him?
  • As christians were we reaching out to students who had never been to our group before, or just letting them come and feel unwelcomed?
  • The results were sad really.

  • Very little did anyone talk to him.(not to say nobody did, but not very many at all.)
  • He sat by himself during service time.
  • He by no means felt welcomed by the students of the program, and not so much by the leaders either that didn’t know.
  • Though the experiment featured sad results, the results were also very beneficial to the youth program as a whole.

    Written by vagabondrunn

    May 8, 2008 at 8:39 am