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I am(will be)…employed

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As all of you know, I have been looking for work.
Nothing to great, just something simple that will bring in a little cash flow, and help me pay to finish my degree.
Many of you have been praying for roughly a month or more, and that has been greatly appreciated.
I had an interview on Thursday, in which they then turned around and asked for a second interview on Friday.
After two awesome interviews(because I’m confident that I interview extremely well), they offered me the position.
Of course the position is only mine once I pass my drug screen.
ANNND….did you know that some businesses use strands of hair to test for drugs and not the ole urin sample.
So while I’m already going bald slowly, they went on and cut some more of my hair off.
Anyhow, I shall pass with flying colors.
I’m sure you all are wondering who my new employer is.
Well, here ya go. Meet my new employer…
hondaHonda Motors…The Power of Dreams.

Anyone need a car??

Written by vagabondrunn

January 25, 2009 at 5:45 pm

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