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Homosexuality: How Should We Respond?

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This is going to be a long post, but please read it.
I was reading a Relevant Magazine about Injustices of the world.
One of the questions that were asked was, How Should We as Christians Respond to Homosexuality.
To answer these questions, they pulled in seven christian leaders;

  • Nancy Ortberg
  • N.T. Wright
  • Cindy Jacobs
  • Steve Brown
  • Chuck Colson
  • Brian Mclaren
  • Shane Claiborne

    I want to just pull Shane’s response for all to read…

    …….I had all these ideas about “homosexuality,” “civil union” and “gay” when I was in high school. Then I met a kid who was attracted to other men, and he told me he felt God had made mistake when He made him and that he wanted to kill himself. If that brother can’t find a home in the Church, then I wonder, who have we become? But I would also say it doesn’t mean we talk around the issue.
    …….We need to be able to disagree well, and maybe one of our biggest witnesses to the larger society is that we as a Church can disagree well. Even if we don’t agree on every issue, if we can disagree well, then I think that is something beautiful. I just talked to the national gathering of the United Methodists, and they’re thinking of splitting over this issue. To me, that is heart-wrenching. If we are able to have a healthier understanding of sexuality and to celebrate singleness as well as marriage and family, then we can transcend some of this. How can we as a church created a place that’s safe for people to experience intimacy and love, that doesn’t say the only path God could have for you is to have a husband and wife and two-and-a-half kids? It’s so scandalous that there are these heterosexual, married [couples] pointing fingers and saying gay folks are breaking up our families. Evangelicals are surpassing the divorce rate of secular society, and yet we’re accusing gay folks of breaking up the family, while all of them want to get married. I want to create communities where we can have a healthy conversation and not just point fingers and excommunicate people who disagree with us.

    When I read this today, Shane affirmed everything that I had been feeling after writing THIS post, and reading the responses.

    What’s your response to Shane?

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    November 14, 2008 at 12:34 am