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Production/Setup Team Name

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I would like to ask for all my readers’ help/opinion/advise/creative ideas.
Let me explain…

So here is my big job.
Well, not really a job, but more like my privelege.
I am choosing on a name for our Dialogue Church Production/Setup Team.

Some sweet church’s pick just simple names, using combinations of their church name with the word “production”.
I’m sure other church’s pick creative names and fancy names.
I really have no clue which way to go…or even prefer to go.
Here are some of my ideas…

  • Dialogue Re:set
  • Dialogue Production
  • Dialogue Re:production Team (lol)
  • Dialogue Re:make

    Seriously, that is ALL I have.
    I need help.
    Some opinions/suggestions/ideas.

    This is a part of Creative Chaos over at

    What would you call your production team if you had a choice??

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  • Written by vagabondrunn

    October 20, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    Dialogue Promos; and your help

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    One of the smaller things about Dialogue that I love, is the creativeness of our pastor Ryan Schaefer.
    Now I know I don’t give him many props on my blog.
    However, I have to say, he’s killer in every area(besides maybe time management).
    If you have not met him, you need to.
    Here are some of the promo’s that Ryan has creatively designed for our use in the booth;

    So tell me, which ones do you like, and why?

    Also, feel like being creative? Feel free to have fun, make a promo and send me an email at with the attached file. Dialogue would love to use your art work.

    One more thing, this is a part of Creative Chaos over at Ragamuffinsoul[dot]com. Be sure to head over there to check out the rest.

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    Written by vagabondrunn

    September 22, 2008 at 5:47 pm