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Yesterday Dialogue Church plunged forward with another future multi-year event.
This event is what we call In-Reach.
Most people have heard of out-reaching.
Where you serve your community, and do things for people you don’t know, in a way to help them meet basic needs with the blessings and love of God.
In-Reach is very similar.
In-Reach is actually exactly like out-reaching.
However, instead of doing these things for people you don’t know, we’re doing them for the one’s closest to us.
At Dialogue we believe fully in order to love the people you don’t know, you have to first know how to love the people you are closest to.
Yesterday, a large group of Dialoguers went out on this journey to pour out love to a couple in our church. We opened up our schedules and spent all day doing random tasks for this family of six.

  • Remodeled the kids’ rooms
  • New Beds
  • New Furniture
  • New wall accessories
  • New desk
  • Installed a new dishwasher
  • Fixed the garbage disposel
  • Cleaned and groomed the yard
  • Cleaned the gutters
  • Cleaned some rooms for them

    It was a great day.
    Some Dialoguers went back for day two. There just wasn’t enough time to finish everything we wanted to in one day.
    Now being the great blogger I am of course, you would assume I took before and after photo’s.
    Uhh…yeah, I completely failed all of you and forgot.
    However, this family was completely appreciative of everything.
    It was great to see their faces and the kids faces as the day went along.
    Not in us.
    But in Him.

    I am completely blessed to have the opportunity to serve such an amazing God with such amazing people.

    Dialoguer’s…tell your side/view/thoughts of In-Reach.

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  • Written by vagabondrunn

    October 19, 2008 at 11:09 pm

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