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My weekly paragraph of Chaos through Creativity, partnering with Ragamuffinsoul.

When I used to attended CommonWay Church, one of the really cool things the worship team would do is have “percussion” worship. Basically meaning, only percussion instruments allowed. Some of the percussion instruments used were:
-Drum set

There were many more, however to be honest, lots of them I have NO clue what they were. It was a very cool worship experience. Very broken down. Lots of the time the main instrument you could hear were the voices of the people. That alone sent chills down your back.


UPDATE: I participated in Creative Chaos, but incorrectly this week(sorry Carlos).

Here is my 2nd submission for Creative Chaos…

This week Carlos went a different direction with CC. Carlos decided to post the question,

Q: “Where do you go to find your personal creativity”.
A: (1)My place of personal creativity is found in two main places. My number one place would be my couch with the curtains open, staring out the windows. I find that being able to see one of God’s most beautiful creations clears my head and allows me to create.
A: (2)My second place of creativeness would be Panera. It’s a place I go when I want to watch people. Watching people can be something interesting. However, I feel that it allows me to create something not tangible. It allows me to create/form my heart for people more. I find that when I leave Panera, my prayers are intense with brokenness.

Be sure to check out what others created at, and share with all everyone where you go for personal creativity.


Written by vagabondrunn

April 10, 2008 at 12:50 pm

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