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This weekend was busy.
Sorry for the lack-thereof posting. Here is what my weekend consisted of:

-Game night with Matt, Dave, Jackie, Lori
-Went to see “21” with Matt and Lori
-Stayed up late talking with Matt

-The weather was amazing (65 degrees is amazing in Indiana for this time of the year)
-Went to Paul’s, played some Smash Bros on the Wii
-Paul, Matt, and I threw the football/frisbee, and played cornholl for a bit, while having a beer
-Went to a birthday party at Bdub’s with a bunch of old and new friends for our friend Whitney.
-Went to a church meeting/dinner for Calvary from 7-9pm.
-Went to another church party(the Bridge), hung out with Matt, Dave, Jackie, Adam, Jaime, Jill, Carey, and Heather.
-Around 10:30 came home and watched a movie and talked with Matt until late

-Went to church at The Bridge with Ryan, Jenniffer, Matt, and others
-Went to lunch with a group at Cheesebuger in Paradise after.(way too much laughing)
-Went to Paul’s mom’s 50th birthday party

So yeah, it was nuts this weekend. Not much time to rest. However, it was fun. God is doing good things in my life and in the life of my friends.

Tomorrow I should have another Church Plant Update to offer you.

Enjoy the week!


Written by vagabondrunn

April 7, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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