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Personal Detour on HW-38

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Last night had a great time hanging out with Ryan and Jaime, and some of their friends. First time I have actually been to Ryan and Jaime’s house(Pendleton, IN). They live basically in the middle of nowhere, which I love. As I was on my way, traveling on I-69, I’m trying to see how fast I can get there(I know, I’m bad). Driving along, and then I get behind these people going the speed limit. I’ve decided we should not have speed limits, but only speed suggestions. Anyhow, do you ever try to picture someone’s house before you ever see it?

I do.

Pulling up to their house, I realized that my “picture” that I had envisioned, was so far off. I pictured a one story, theirs was three. I pictured a small yard, they owned acres. I pictured a small two car garage, they had a five car, plus a barn. Their house is a work in progress, but it’s one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen, honestly.

As I was leaving around 11pm, trying to make my way to Anderson, IN. Knowing I should only be on HW-38 for two miles, I’m driving with some Hillsong United on, just thinking and talking to God.

The next thing I notice are these little tidbits:
-I had been driving on HW-38 for 17 miles.
-I was almost out of gas
-My cell phone was almost out of battery and I forgot my car charger.

I turn around and drive back the other way, and make it to Anderson literally when I run out of gas. To make matters just a little better, I go to call my brother, who goes to Anderson University, so I can trade him cars(he’s going to Ohio this weekend and didn’t want to drive his car), and my phone dies.

We did end up making the switch and I did make it home with gas in my car(just not until almost 1am.)

I love road trips…especially ones that really are longer than expected.


Written by vagabondrunn

April 4, 2008 at 3:24 pm

Posted in About Me, Humor

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  1. This week I took my sisters to the mall, and rather than getting back on the highway for the 20-minute trip home, I wandered around in the general direction of home for 40 minutes. We ended up taking a road that goes over a dam – great view of the reservoir on one side, the skyline beyond, and the city on the other side. It was wonderful to not pay too much attention to directions or deadlines.
    To God be all glory,
    Lisa of Longbourn


    April 14, 2008 at 1:14 am

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