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March Madness?

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So today is the start of what many of us call March Madness. Sure a lof of the smaller conference tournaments started earlier in the week. However, today is the start of the big tournaments. Noon today the Big East Tournament kicks off. To some this might all just seem pointless and lame, but to many of us, sadly, we live for March. It’s a time when you expect the unexpected. Where you spend countless hours wasting your life away while you watch all the High-Def games on ESPN and CBS.

There is one thing about this years games that sort of leaves me upset. All the past years every Big Ten game was televised on ESPN or ESPN2, until the weekend, which then CBS took over. However this year is different. The Big Ten Network has came along and took some of the games from ESPN, including the IU vs. Minnesota/Northwestern game on Friday night at 9:00pm. For most of us that have Comcast, we cannot watch this game from our living rooms due to the fact that Comcast and the BTN has not came to an agreement yet.

It might seem small, and pointless, and most likely it is. However, because of the BTN, the whole term March Madness has a whole new meaning to me this year.



Written by vagabondrunn

March 12, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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