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Foo Fighters meet the Nazi’s

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Photobucket“Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence,Patience&Grace”

Maybe one of my favorite albums to be released in over a year. I love when bands create songs with titles and lyrics that are original and very unique. The song list looks like this:
1.The Pretender
2.Let It Die
4.Long Road to Run
5.Come Alive
6.Stranger Things Have Happened
7.Cheer Up, Boys(Your Make Up Is Running)
8.Summer’s End
9.Ballad of The Beaconsfield Miners
11.But, Honestly
Take the time to read the lyrics to song Home.
Personally when I read those lyrics I find myself and my immediate thoughts on my life. I just wanna be Home, with a capital H.
I’m tired of looking at the same thing in the mirror every day.
I’m tired of the pain.
The hurt.
The confussion.
I’m ready to be delivered from all of this…
…Whatever it looks like.
Yet when I think even deeper about the topic of going Home, I think of how I have to be patient.
God has a plan.
A perfect one.
He wants to use me, to use you, to use us.
He has these great ideas for our lives that he is going to bless us with the ability to reach.
All we have to do is want them.
Seems so simple, yet it’s so hard.
Why though? Too often we are our own worst enemy. Too often we are God’s worst enemy.
We are afraid of what He can do. But not more so than the fact that we are afraid of saying, “you know what, I’m not in control.”
Doesn’t that just make your stomach hurt. Churn? Anxious? I HATE not being in control. Maybe this is a guy thing? Guys?? I mean, don’t we always have to have the last word? The last peace of cake(or other foods)? Always have to be the one driving? Always have to decide what to watch on tv? Why? Because we are control-nazi’s(not meaning to offend anyone). We just can’t stand to think of the idea that maybe somebody else could do something better than what we could think to do. There stands the block. The WALL. Even God can’t get throught those w/o our help. He will not force his loves on us. He will love us. He’s just not in the business in making us do things, making us accept his love. However, he does promise us a better life when we allow that.
Honestly, I don’t even know how this post got to this point. However, it’s there now, so you should go ahead and read it again, and then join in the discussion with your thoughts.


Written by vagabondrunn

March 12, 2008 at 3:36 am

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